In November Cambridge University hosted young researchers who had serious and certain intentions about theBody Tracking in Healthcare workshop.
During this meeting the professors discussed and explored the use of touchless interactions in surgical settings, allowing images to be viewed, controlled, monitored and manipulated without physical contact via Kinect for Windows sensor.
It was incredibly both interesting and astonishing how it is possible to realize surgical operation through sensor devices.

Other researchers are exploring ways to use Kinect for Windows to evaluate the damage caused by strokes and to create and monitor game-based rehabilitation exercises, many of which can be performed by stroke patients in their own homes. 

Now in several Hospitals surgeons manipulate and observe X-ray without physical contact.

There is a wide range of possibilities already allowing to get stroke victims back to feet, to help disabled people to develop their mobility through gamificated physiotherapies, besides it is also possible to treat those who have oral functional disorders, to treat those who have sclerosis etc. and this list can be fulfilled on and on.

We suggest to view Kinect based physiotherapy game created by X-TECH Games which challenges to drive the boat without oars by simultaneously collecting buoys.


Kinect Physiotherapy Solution at CeBIT 2014 by X-TECH