Kinect has become quite a doctor and yoga master for people. Kinect for yoga is considered to involve yoga trainings covered with voice feedback leading along the session. Developers and researchers at the University of Washington have worked out Kinect based yoga app which gives spoken instructions on how accurately complete a yoga pose.
Most importantly the app is intended to solve the problem faced by blind or partly sighted people attempting to do yoga.
While during the ordinary yoga procedures participants watch an instructor to learn how properly move or hold a position, the blind or those who cannot see well find it frustrated to participate in this kind of exercises. The doctoral student in computer science and engineering designed a program called Eyes-Free Yoga, that uses Microsoft Kinect software to track body movements and offer spoken feedback for important yoga poses. The app is implemented through Kinect to read a user’s body angles then tells the user how to move the arms, legs, neck. For instance the voice may say “Rotate your shoulders left.”
For testing the effectiveness of this app they worked with 16 blind and low-vision people all around Washington. 13 out of 16 highly recommended this procedure and assured that nearly everyone would use it.


Kinect Yogam Exercises