Kinect game-based rehabilitation is trusted already by numerous of doctors and professors. There is a story how and when Kinect games interfered with human rehabilitation for the first time.  While on a flight from New York to Paris Justin Tan’s father had a sudden stroke and found himself in the hospital. He had to rack up $250.000 in rehabilitation costs. After Tan and couple of his friends decided to build a system which will influence the cost-effectiveness in better way. These young guys just wanted to insert some motivation so the patients find it exciting to improve their health by daily procedures measured in games.
Jintronix created a gamified exercise platform which provides an immediate feedback so patients have the possibility to communicate and show the health results to the clinicians remotely. The software utilizes Microsoft Kinect with Windows computers.
Simultaneously and very coincidentally 7.000 miles away one collaborative team of academic Microsoft researchers tended to create the similar program helping to get back on feet the stroke victims.
With a help of Kinect capture technology, Jintronix and Microsoft’s Kinect stroke recovery system created cost-effective solutions for clinicians and patients. This therapy effects in better way both on patients and clinicians. Clinicians have the brilliant chance to see more patients at a time, and the patients have cheaper, efficient therapy sessions if they use it at home.
The Kinect games system have three main aims: One of them assesses the manual dexterity and coordination with timed game where the patients should manage to bend and pick up blocks arranging them in proper boxes, the other one challenges the user to achieve a certain body position designed by therapists, and the third one is a outer-space game assessing reflexes. The all mentioned games provide immediate scores and reinforcement.
The created recovery through Kinect has three main programs: One of them assesses manual dexterity and coordination with timed game in which patients pick up blocks and place them in a box, another therapy game challenges patients to achieve a certain body position, and finally the third one is an outer-space game which evaluates reflexes. The all mentioned games provide immediate scores and reinforcement.


Stroke Recovery with Kinect