Game demo or Kinect games demo are defined as preview or demonstration of the upcoming video game which has recently released. It’s the way to present the all sides of the video game to the consumers. Demos are basically released by the game developers to help the consumer get in touch, feel the game and decide whether to buy the full version or not. It also gives the consumer an opportunity to ask the developers change, add or remove something, an opportunity to try the trial part or episode of the game before purchasing the rest part of the adventure.
Kinect game demos are considered to be playable and non-playable. Playable demos typically have the same play structure as the upcoming full game version. A non-playable demo is the gaming equivalent of the game trailer.
X-TECH Kinect Development Company is very rich of having app demos and kinect games demo such as “Tumanyan Shaurma” Kinect app demo, Kinect games demo and so on.
In 2013 X-Tech company has developed “Tumanyan Shaurma” website and later on the company also developed the Kinect app demo version of “Tumanyan Shaurma” based on the typical movements which are done in that place. So the customers are able to enjoy their time in “Tumanyan Shaurma” before or after eating. All in all it makes the customers time much more interesting and absorbing in that place.

CeBIT 2013 Visitors LIKE to Play ‘TUMANYAN SHAURMA’ Kinect Game

Another interesting theme by Kinect was Kinect Based 3D Car demonstration.  It is kind of presenting the car, with a help of simple and meaningful body movements. It is also possible to observe car’s all sides, by waving hands you can open car door, even you can zoom the image. By the way, everything is possible to see and move instead of this car.

Kinect Based 3D Car demonstration at CeBIT 2013

Besides, the company also created an interesting Augmented Reality simple DEMO with 3D Car demonstration. The main idea is to draw something on the sheet of paper and after give a 3D breath to it as shown on the video below.

Augumented Reality simple DEMO with 3D car in Unity3D

Another Augmented Reality app by X-TECH
It is an amazing creative work. This app will give you a chance to fit your dream Art works in your house, office, bedroom, any place you want. You simply need to do just a few taps on your iPhone or iPad using our app. After all, you can share it with your friends to get thoughts and comments via social media and email.

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