Kinect utilization in healthcare hasn’t been a secret so far, moreover this idea is going to grow on and on.
Physical therapy researchers at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center who are keen on therapies by the latest technological solutions are developing a home therapy program for stroke patients. In this kind of therapy the central role plays the Xbox Kinect. It involves a home-brewed game called Canyon Adventure, in which patients paddle a canoe down a river, swat bats in a cave, snag litter out of the water, go fishing, navigate the rapids, and catch objects like medical supplies and treasure chests. The program helps patients regain motor control from the comfort of their own homes.
This game is available for anyone suffering from that awful health problem.
“Canyon Adventure” is somehow similar to Kinect Physiotherapy “Boat Driving”  developed by X-TECH, which has the same concept that is to develop patients’ mobility.


Kinect Physiotherapy Solution at CeBIT 2014 by X-TECH