Developers have seen the potential of Kinect to help the blind to navigate and the deaf to communicate. And researchers have demonstrated the scenery when Kinect guides a blind person through building and to translate from sign language to text and speech in near-real time. Only two objects are playing in leading rolls – the first one is the ability of camera which reveals 3D objects while the second one is the ability of software which can track human hand and movements. The two mentioned are out of commercialization; however they prove the extraordinary potential of the technology. It is an open secret that the blind and the deaf find it difficult to get free communication in the public. It is the first reason that Kinect came around to facilitate their everyday life.
In many aspects Kinect has proved its helpful existness in healthcare.
Being blind or deaf is the loss of two main sense perceptions. So in the upcoming future Kinect device will help maximally the blind and the deaf.
Really it is fantastic staying far away from doctors and being treated through Kinect games which in fact eliminate the harmful spots within human health.