May it sound a rumor however earlier this year there was kind of news that with a help of Kinect it is possible for the stroke victims to send an e-mail. Japan’s University and private hospital in Fukuoka have developed a game to help disabled people walk again. The game was named, the Rehabilium Kirisu-kun, which has been developed for special purposes that is to help stroke victims regain the walking skills.Initially the game was structured with special instructions requiring unique motions pushing players to stand and sit, which then causes a tree in the game to grow. All this required motions and tree growing motivations allow patients to develop their motor skills, to gain even the slightest motions of the immovable muscles, in one word it is a simple rehabilitation activity putting joyful moments in patients’ training period.
This should be believable as Kinect has already proved its super-powers by helping kids with chronic disease or people with oral function disorders. Kinect has now its unique place in special clinics for surgery support as Kinect has shown its value in healthcare.
Sure this small smart device will reveal new dimensions and make the disabled ones get happy and healthy.   
Doctor-professors have no doubt that playing a game patients get off the couch and move. Bowling, tennis, yoga. They can really get a workout. That’s the concept behind a new occupational therapy program at Clinics. Some therapists are using this to help stroke victims and other patients get back in the life game. 


Kinect Helps Stroke Victims