Nowadays students, pupils are keen on lessons mainly through games. Kinect in school is a super idea as lecturers, teachers use different methods to keep the class up and attentive anyway no other entertainment means can replace Kinect games based on learning strategies.  The techniques done according to particular subject which is explained and demonstrated through innovative tech indeed requires applause. The use of Kinect would be extremely motivating to the students and would have great benefits for overall performance in the school.

Psychologically students constantly want to stand up and move around instead of yawning if the topic is boring, so Kinect would be a great chance to allow them structured movement through the classroom and of course this would be a great motivator for students to get their homework done.

These experiments keep students active, concentrated and in the mood.

Before becoming a multifunctional tool, initially Kinect was produced for entertainment means with a help of which one could relax and feel the score satisfaction. Now Kinect gaming slowly crinkles to other spheres like Kinect in healthcare, Kinect in education, Kinect in schools, malls and disco clubs and to many places that have seemed incredible before.
X-TECH Games Studio has created a demo app called “Feel The Moon Gravity” which is a vivid example of real experience on the moon. All of us know that appearing on the moon is a dream and fantasy. So it’s great to realize it through this smart device and give that special chance to people to appear on the moon, feel the universe, jump, run and fall, walk with 6 times less gravity and much more. 
Check out the video below to get the game’s capabilities more in details.

Kinect is a useful tool not only for getting enjoyed but also for proper learning means and we believe in future Kinect will also be used as a human life saving tool and after that step this powerful and smart device will be announced an absolute winner.


Feel the Moon Gravity – Kinect App (Space Apps Challenge Armenia)