Kinect has spread its wings throughout healthcare and now London doctors are using Kinect in surgery room. 
The computers which are equipped with Kinect allowing surgeons to manipulate nearby screens through hand gestures and voice.
BBC has reported that tech like this will be utilized over the next 10-15 years and doctors will have the special chance to use Kinect to pan and zoom remotely patient’s 3D images all around.
The doctors and professors explain that due to Kinect surgery support they do not need mouse, keyboard or even they have no need to rummage by computer.
The people who have already utilized this device and are the witness of this incredible way of support, claim confidently that until recently they were shouting out across the operating theatre to tell the patients like to go up, down, left, right.
Kinect in surgery extremely influences the time management system. Doctors are able to manage to examine more patients per day than before and they can get the desired position for the patients during the daily procedures.
Most importantly the patients are very pleased to be involved in that kind of process.
The Kinect-based technology is progressively being fresher and comes around with new ideas.