Kinect in therapy is a kind of new idea it is like plenty of physical trainings in one. Many doctors and professors support Kinect in therapy method as patients tend to be treated at home and while trainings they forget for a while about the pain as they play with professional motions required by the game. Initially Kinect games for therapies have been structured so as the patients realize the movements which will improve their health. Patients will do thousands of movements getting fun from it, they will be concentrated not on the proper motions but on the game itself to win. In the result they are enjoying the game simultaneously improving health.

The daily in-clinic therapies are somehow time-consuming and you are not sure of final result, whereas Kinect game therapy automatically makes you enjoy and be treated positively. For example plying Kinect football is something awesome to activate your body motions.

All in all the gaming therapy helps the hours pass as quickly as possible. Patients even do not spot how many hours they are being involved deep into it.

Kinect has a productive use in schools, in clinics for surgery support, for oral function disordersfor physical therapy.

We believe that once Kinect will tend to rescue lives as well.  😉