Obviously the subject Anatomy has never been among the easy learning subjects so far, and most students haven’t gone above and beyond to study it in details.
We guess the reason is that that theory exceeds interactions.
So here’s where Kinect might give a hand. 
Researchers in Germany has used Kinect to develop an Augmented Reality mirror called “Mirracle” to give users virtual X-ray views of their bodies.
The “Mirracle” system project allows the users to see inside one’s own body.  
So why not integrate the powers of Microsoft Kinect with a mirror to teach such subjects as basic anatomy?
The developers and the team of technical University of Munich in Germany are working on the project of using Kinect to estimate the position of a person before the Augmented Reality mirror so as to create the illusion that the user can see inside his/her own body. He can vividly see and have a tour within his organs; he can see the structure of his bones and many more.
This new innovation is highly educational and it generates an interest among students to study and observe their body structure thoroughly.
I think ideas like this are like sparks which need to become flames. They motivate people to study, to get feedback on the ground, to evolve mobility.
Probably due to this technology, sooner or later the Anatomy will find itself in the list of students’ favorite subjects.


mirracle: An Augmented Reality Magic Mirror System for Anatomy Education