Do we need phones anymore? I got a reason to doubt. Keep reading to inquire the latest tech news about touchscreen “magic”.
There has been developed a new Kinect-like technology named OmniTouch, a wearable device that allows any multi-touch interface onto every surface: let it be hand, tree, pad, wall, clothes.. in a nutshell you can operate your phone without removing it from your pocket or bag.
We are starting to live in a world where any surface is a potential touchscreen for the phone.
This appealing tech, which was initially suppose a shoulder-mounted depth camera and Pico-projector, was developed by researchers at Microsoft.
Surely, the system has its conveniences and inconveniences as well.
Probably the most convenient point is that that the technology can be operated on the go with no special requirements of calibration for each new surface it is used on. The system adapts easily on surfaces of most textures in 3D space, it works even when surface isn’t that smooth.
Perhaps the most inconvenient aspect of the system is the bulkiness of the camera and projector mounted on user’s shoulder. 
Any way, we are more than sure that in near-real future we will be the witness of quite a small prototype which will be much more convenient to wear and utilize. 
Check out the video below to get acquainted with the tech’s flexibility 😉


OmniTouch – Demo Video