Kinect Physical therapy is considered to be one of the latest tech innovations over the patients. X-TECH Games skilled team has given birth to a Kinect physical activity game having the aim to motivate people to get trained and get body motion improvement. The Kinect in physical therapy game is designed after the consultation with therapists.
Game is called “Kinect therapy – Boat Driving”.  There are 410 buoys in the ocean which need to be taken by the boat within the certain time limit. Each buoy is a point. The direction is being  controlled by the boat without oars. Instead of real oars the patients are controlling the boat with a help of hands. User implements the same movements as being inside the real boat with oars. The aim of the game is to move imaginary oars correctly and grab as many buoys as possible. The game requires full meander of arms on and on. The procedures can be realized twice a day or thrice a day. Actually the pursuit of scoring invites to play again and again, each time better which leads by the progressive recovery of the patient.

People who has poor action making ability can try out this Kinect virtual therapy training game and gradually taste the progress of wellness.