Remember we were talking about all kinds of therapies that Kinect can take part in. It can help a lot to overcome this or that health issue. The smart and powerful system also participates in surgical operations, in rehabilitation and so on. Kinect is an innovative and serious way for bringing the mobility back.
Imagine how difficult it would be if you couldn’t move your arm and hand on one side of your body. Such health impairments demand careful and serious regular treatments, professional physical therapies.   
 Taking into consideration all these circumstances the researchers at Ohio State University has developed physical therapy game called Recovery Rapids and most importantly Kinect sensor plays the major role in this therapy.
The Recovery Rapid Kinect Physical Therapy game is based on constraint-induced movement therapy (CI therapy).
This method improves patient’s mobility regardless of their age or how long ago the injury occurred
The system can be used at home, in clinic, anywhere with Kinect and TV or PC.
The game has several modes.
Mode for arm recovery, mode for fingers recovery and mode for the shoulder or back recovery.
The user is in boat with no oars; his arms are playing the role of oars, so the regular movements of arm are scores for the game and mobility for the patients’ arm.
Another mode for fingers offers trees with fruits. The patient must reap the fruits by hands using the power of fingers…
Most importantly the game sends you an immediate feedback, sort of comment about your health performance and growing progress.
Game like this has been implemented by Kinect development company X-TECH in 2014. The physical therapy game is called Boat Driving. The patient must drive the boat and collect buoys with his own arms.
This kind of solutions should be a lot in every country so as to motivate people to get health back and live healthy and happy.


Recovery Rapids