Kinect physical therapy and just a physical therapy have the same functions and at the same time too different in their use. Of course any kind of fitness, physical training and physical therapy are extremely important and helpful for human health and sensations to handle with lots of situations where strength and health are needed.  Let’s return to the above mentioned interesting term Kinect physical therapy which is nothing else but healthy training, yes, that’s a physical therapy using Kinect device.

Many doctors and professors are supporting Kinect for online physical therapy. According to  Dr. Kourosh Parsapour, founder and CEO of 5plus “Near 2030, the number of states with substandard physical therapy will go up from 12 to 48 states and one out of 5 Americans will be 65 or older,”  said professor during a panel discussion at the American Telemedicine Association event in Austin.

X-TECH Kinect Development Company tends to participate in a project where the Kinect physical therapy affairs are going to be discussed on. In Company’s opinion visiting physical therapists is very long and time-consuming trip when the final result for success is truly hard to see in daily trainings. That’s why technological development in this field is both important, interesting and its effect on patients’ time-management process is huge. The main reason we tend to attend the project is to try finding lots of ways out in how to save time and meanwhile live healthy. Physical therapy Kinect doesn’t recognize any age or gender level. Its about healing and making people get strong. X-TECH will be a part of developing and designing new physical exercises through Kinect which will be available in different level injuries; it will level up the strength of health. That’s a good idea to organize such kind of projects where the IT specialists are free to imagine and set their fantasies free to invent new absorbing ideas helpful in this enormous world of problems. It is a great start to improve the problems into smooth and happy life-style.
So we believe that our future desirable system will be a small step forward in making the patient recovery process more enjoyable.

Telerehabilitation is considered to be one of the best technological solutions over patients. As technologies are jumping to solve already many problems, they are a great cure for this topic as well. Online physical therapy using Kinect can interact directly with the patients even grasp and track their movements so as to inform the doctors remotely. This healthy process can be held synchronously and asynchronously .
Ways of utilization of Kinect for physical therapy are various and designed by individual doctors for different injury levels.
One of the American clinics has succeeded to set up two exercise control for patients.

Check out the videos below so as to visualize more in details what the real thing is about.


Physical therapy with  kinect

There are more than ten companies using these methods soon being released and get wide spread throughout the countries.
The physical therapist prescribes exercises that periodically will increase the patient’s health and the prescribed exercises are preloaded into the platform or design in their own. This also proves that Kinect for online physical trainings are that much in use already.
Lately Reflexion spum off from the West Health Institute started running clinical trials to make techs validate.

Check out the video below where the above said is demonstrated by therapists and by patient’s actions.


 Kinect for online physical therapy