Recently Kinect has started to serve as a Kinect sign language translator. Microsoft Kinect has developed a sign language translator that converts signs into spoken and written languages and vice versa.
The Kinect sign language translator is a prototype system able to understand the gestures of sign language and converts them to spoken and written languages.
The loss of main sense perceptions is something that is difficult to handle with so cool it is to have such kind of app which facilitates somehow the everyday life.
So how does it work?  All the translator needs are computer and Kinect camera that recognizes signing gestures, then immediately gives a spoken and written translation of languages for people who are unable to hear.
While the deaf person is signing, the system captures his gestures and turns them into spoken and written translation in real-time, the same action happens when the hearing person’s uttered words are turned to be accurate understandable signs.
This fantastic tool also helps the blind to navigate.