This smart and powerful device is going to leave us appalled by its capabilities. As it is obvious we are doing one jump and finding ourselves in hospitals where Kinect treats patients, another jump and we are in fitness club, the third jump and we are in the mall doing Kinect virtual dressing, other small step and we are in schools where Kinect teaches different stuff and this list is going to be endless. Today we are in abandoned place where dragons live.
Have you ever imagined yourself struggling against the powerful and insurmountable dragon? Sure this process has been coming on every kid’s dream after that kind of video games.
They say better late than never. Today you can find yourself in the most fearsome environment where dragon lives and waits for your challenge. 
All this happens via Kinect. You are standing in front of the Kinect and by your voice commands and gestures you are getting in war with the dragon.   
The gestures are simple and intuitive, yet allow for gameplay depth never before seen with the Kinect. Simply swing your right arm forward, up, left, or right and your character will hack with his sword.  
Movement is also easy. Put your right foot just inches forward to run, and even further forward to sprint. Your left foot forward switches to a slow walk, while leaning left, right, or back moves your character in that direction.    
Voice control also allows for much easier access to the menus.


Skyrim Kinect