Sport! Sport! Sport! By just standing in front of the Kinect sensor waiting for something to be started, there comes a moment when you find yourself as a superhero of your favorite movie. At that certain moment you have the power to shake your weapons, kick the ball, climb the rocks like an idealized real avatar.
Progressively the Kinect sport games are becoming more addictive and inviting, they recognize no age, time and place. All you need is just a PC and a Kinect device.
A vivid example of Kinect sport game is Kinect Football developed by X-TECH Games which by the way can serve as a strong marketing interactive tool. Kinect soccer or football, where kicking the ball sends it automatically to a predetermined destination on its way to the goal. Even if the effect is only virtual, the digital atmosphere makes the player want to spend more time in front of the Kinect’s camera. Kinect sport games wear the mask of entertainment and fantasy actually they keep the player out from the reality, the sport games train the players making their body movements more confident.