Children with chronic disease used to be treated in clinics however it is already in the past. Kinect came across to replace in-clinic therapies. That is to say Kinect therapy for kids with chronic disease –  it is about how the Kinect games are able to get kids recovered.
The world has become much more developed, connected and parents are eager to get kids out of houses. One of the biggest points why kids stay indoors is because of some health issues. Kinect therapy games are giving the opportunity not only to play video games but also to train the body, recover the health problems and kids will once wake up healthy.  This is due to The Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. which has opened a new pain care complex built to introduce video games as a special way to help children to stand up as normal and healthy people without any stressful conditions and situations.

This method is designed and combined with Microsoft’s Kinect to help young patients improve their health. Kids are just playing, painting and automatically are exercising their bodies whereas doctors are on hand to analyze their range of motion.
The specialists have compared the therapy sessions in gym to video games and have the following result that people exercising games have better range of motion.
We believe that Kinect Development companies will release such kind of “healthy games” like physical therapy games, games for oral function disorders, surgery support and many more.


Kinect Therapy for Kids with Chronic Pain