Yes Kinect translates sign language and facilitates the deaf people’s activities.
We’re sure there will be time when technologies will save people’s life with their extra-ordinary solutions.
Today the very powerful technology named Kinect is able to make deaf people’s thoughts, ideas and gestures available and understandable to everyone.
People having impairments with hearing skills can literally describe what they want to say.  
Researchers from Microsoft Asia and the Institute of Computing Technology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have been working together to develop a computer system able to translate gestures used in sign language to text.
It seemed that by using computer and keyboard the deaf people could type and the computer would speak in their native language according to the typed text. However all those efforts were in vain, most such efforts have been less than successful. For that reason the researchers have been turned into Microsoft’s Kinect device.
Really who could ever guess that Kinect will translate sign language before.

The system includes two very important modes. The first one is called Translation Mode which translates physical hand or body movements into text or speech. The second one is called Communication Mode allowing the person to speak in ASL to communicate with someone else who is communicating in Typed English.
All these process is taking place via avatar who translates texts coming form someone typing on keyboard. The system is also capable to translate long sentences.
The researchers also stress that the system development is still in its progress and it’s going to be reasonably inexpensive.
Cannot agree more, so many innovations, so many health issues that Kinect had given it a try to solve such as to facilitate the blind navigation, to detect falling risks for adults and this list will become so long if we enumerate all the Kinect Health Solution.


Kinect Sign Language Translator