Kinect treats facial paralysis – one of the most awful injuries is the facial paralysis. In near-real future Kinect will solve that problem as well. It will take 18 months for British University to develop such kind of system based on Microsoft Kinect which will be used for treating people who suffered this terrible facial nerve paralysis. The Nottingham Trent University has received a grant in the amount of 347.000 pounds for the creation of feedback system between doctor and patient.
This amazing project which tends to help people by Kinect has an aim to detect and monitor patient’s facial asymmetry including mouth corners, eyelids and cheeks and so on during the Kinect therapy which gives plenty of special structured serious exercises based on therapists’ instructions. 
The information will be reflected on the TV screen or on computer screen. So doctors and patients will remotely collaborate. This process will help therapists to monitor progress  of the treatment done adjusting the exercises in real time.
Kinect in such kind of therapies cheers the patients up and prepares them for the upcoming days.  😉