Yes, Kinect treats hand paralysis. More than 325 thousands of people suffer from hemiparesis. This is paralysis of one side of the body which is the result of “stroke”. The rehabilitation of motor skills will take pretty much time and money. So Ohio State University scientists have developed a Kinect rehabilitation game for patients at home, in other words – attending therapists via Kinect. It’s great that this is available for everyone who has Kinect device at home.
For this purpose they have developed computer games where the patient should put a special glove on paralyzed hand which tracks the hand movements and on the healthy one – a glove with some weight. After all he is being demonstrated a game in which he sails on kayak and he should bend to sail to the right direction. Meanwhile the patient may catch the swimming fishes, bottles and treasure chests.
Scientists note that this process shows progress of therapy in patients with hemiparesis. Moreover their results were not worse than those who had standard clinical therapy. The patients note that while being treated like this they are gaining some additional motivation. Time goes faster and the tasks before them are being easier and more absorbing.


How Video Games Are Revolutionizing Rehab