Parents don’t have to worry anymore if their kid suffers from autism as Kinect treats kids suffering from autism. Developers have created special games both entertaining and healing. Kinect games contain unique purpose to bring child’s health in normal balance.
This simple idea turned to be a big change in healthcare as the impact is visible immediately on people.
Matteo’s idea to create Kinect games which can treat autism incepted in December 2011 during a friendly chat with a friend who was currently working in physical therapy clinic where he found it difficult to meet autistic children in rehabilitation rooms.
So Matto started thinking that specialized technology for similar purposes is very expensive. Yet, with Fifth Element, all that’s needed is a television, an Xbox 360, and a Kinect. The program itself is also simple, creating an interactive platform with standard images, voice, and text. And he gave birth to Kinect games treating autistic kids.
Nowadays the result is perfect there are many healthy kids who have suffered before from this awful disease. But the Kinect games designed for them brought their feet back to ground.
We happen to live in a world where we have more technology than we need and in near-real future we’ll definitely happen to live in a world with no diseases.