Sometimes it becomes uncertain what mood or facial expression you have. Whether you feel comfortable or not so much. The list of these questions’d go on until we come across Microsoft’s Kinect V2. This smart and powerful device has the capacity to reveal your facial expressions, your mood, your inner worries and so on.
Tom Kerkhov,  Microsoft MVP and Friend of the Gallery, keeps up doing his observations and recent work for Windows V2 Device and SDK, capturing facial mimics with Kinect for Windows V2.
Lately the specialists have gone through tests by tracking someone’s face and display the expressions of the person. Besides, the system also analyses the tracked information by detecting how happy the person is? is he/she interested? Does he/she wear glasses…
Specialists also tested face tracking for all tracked people, a max of 6 people. Afterwards it will be analysed so these statistics will tell you for how many percentage of the time he/she looked away or how likely he/she is wearing glasses.

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