Do you want to try or develop your taste? Kinect virtual dressing or Kinect virtual fitting app allows you to fit on your body shape any kind of garment. It is already an open secret that virtual imagination is able to win and open any kind of door. Technologies give all you need. People only have to perform that with a help of a small device app which is going to be more and more entertaining.
Virtual dressing means to fit clothes by gestures without taking off what you’re dressed in. Kinect virtual dressing gives you the special opportunity try on too various clothes, accessories, hats and gloves at least everything that is wearable on human body. Even shopaholics are addicted to virtual dressing novelty. They have the possibility to preview the products they like without trying them on physically.
X-TECH Creative Studio has developed the very type of application called “Virtual Dressing”. This app is so popular and nowadays it is getting a facility of everyday need. For creating this amazing app the basic features that developers need are:

  •             Gesture Controlled Interface
  •             Natural Physics of clothing
  •             True 3D Visualization of models
  •             Cloud Database for unlimited items for clothing and many more.

With a help of this app check out what you can wear, what goes on you, which color is nice and worth buying. The Kinect virtual dressing measures user’s body and also builds a virtual avatar, making it really possible to try out virtual representations of actual gown.  All in all it’s pretty cool to have in one application thousands of clothes and accessories that the person can fit on himself. This application also is capable to help you save your golden time. If you really do not feel like going to boutique which is far from you place so do it virtually and have fun. Here you are free like bird to choose any type of costume, jewellery, hat or sock whatever comes to your crazy imagination. 
At first sight this app seems simple and funny but logically it has too many advantages like creating your own style, finding out fashionable stuff that you haven’t ever met and only afterwards you can order such style from the dressmaker and your choice will be as unique as possible, saving your time: instead of touring through shops and boutiques just turn around your Kinect virtual fitting app, after all it doesn’t recognize any time, place and dimension.
X-TEXH’S Virtual Fitting application also has other options like backgrounds, so after your final appropriate adoption select a suitable background to match your look. App also has a possibility to save all screenshots of your fitting attempts.
Don’t hesitate, try it out and get lot of fun, do it alone or with your friends and by watching the screenshots have smiles and why not laughs at your weird outfits.



Kinect Dressing App, Kinect Augmented Reality Dressing App