During the exhibition of “Retail’s Big Show” in New York, FaceCake has demonstrated virtual dressing based on Kinect. It is an interesting process to turn the computer into a virtual dressing room and try on dresses, accessories, gloves, scarf and any type of clothing virtually. The customer tries this in front of a Kinect for Windows sensor which captures the user’s image shape. The user freely chooses the clothing and accessory she wants after all the app displays the user with the  selected item. So even the most captious shopper can find the item sought. Afterwards she can add more nuances like necklace, handbag or clutch to create the total look.
 It is also possible to split the screen so as to compare two different options side by side accessorized with different hats or scarf.  By the way, yes, this app has total availability for male shoppers too.
The app also gives you the opportunity to save your time. Like you needn’t go to the boutique far from your place as you are able to make your choice virtually in advance.
So if you are a customer you can be drawn in these kind of interactive experiences. Obviously Kinect for Windows engages customers and help them learn more about the products.