Kinect virtual group therapy hasn’t been realized yet but Microsoft has shown an interest in it and is eager to give birth to such a fantastic Kinect based solution. It will be easy to implement the suggested idea as this smart device is already in use by hospitals, clinics as a helpful means in healthcare. So what is Kinect virtual group therapy!?! This is a unique way to poke those who suffer from drug addiction, alcoholism etc. to get feet back on the ground. They can see the potential to be treated by Kinect virtual treatment. Using Kinect, groups of patients will be able to meet up virtually truly anonymously with unidentified faces represented by avatars and use live, voice and body language. So this combination of thoroughly distinguished ideas make it possible to share with the mutual experience, see the way out and find the problem solution with the ones who share the same experience.
By the way this kind of Kinect virtual treatment or Kinect virtual group therapy can perform as a prevention for the ones who is not victim of such addictions.