Years ago Leap Motion development idea was not that much speculated because of lack of technologies ,developers and Leap Motion development companies. Nowadays it can be even confidently claimed to be wide spread and required thing in IT sphere. It is increasing rapidly its strength and power throughout the world. Many people now take up the energy for studying and testing new innovation of tech science.
X-TCHE Creative Studio is not an exception as well. Young and talented team of X-TECH has overcome all the difficulties about creating something new. Now it is an open secret that X-TECH is considered to be Leap Motion development company as well, due to the Leap Motion apps and games that have been created by the company. That’s a very nice demonstration of real-world use for Leap Motion and other tools that are available today.
Leap Motion, which created an innovative gesture control technology that measures users’ movements to an accuracy of a hundredth of a millimeter, is expanding its developer program and releasing a new software development kit.
Leap Motion has said that 14 percent of developers want to do gaming-released applications, while 12 percent want to use the technology for music or video applications, 11 percent for art and design, 8 percent for science and medicine, and 6 percent for robotics.
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