Spiders Escape is a leap motion/Kinect/iOS/android app. This 3D  game was created by X-TECH game developers team. Spiders Escape 3D game was first released for Androids and considered to be an Android application, later on it has become an iOS application as well. Spiders Escape 3D application has been claimed to be excellent game and praised for its successful combination of addictive gamplay, comical 3D models, styles and exciting levels.              

Help funny spiders walk through challenges and discover the path back home.

A disastrous storm has swept away spiders from the Amazon jungle to a distant countryside. Lost in a mysterious place, the spiders face hurdles trying to escape and find their families. The long way is filled with traps that get progressively harder, yet more tempting to complete. The game guides you from a house in a remote location, to a sunny farm, a dark wood, and various other exciting levels. Further updates will have new spiders with new abilities and tricks.

The game’s 3D design is integrated with the Leap Motion Controller and the game can be played by XBox Kinect . It will require precise motion to hit the targets and collect the maximum number of stars on each level. The goal is to send the spiders flying through the few holes in each spider web, and collect as many stars as possible.

The player needs to pull the rubber rope, aim in a direction and try to hit the target. Once all the spiders go through the holes in the spider web the next level will unlock, even if all the stars are not collected. Although, if all the stars are collected then the player gets a better score.

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Spiders Escape 3D Kinect Mode by X-TECH Game Development Studio


LEAP MOTION – Spiders Escape 3D by X-TECH Game Development Studio