Leap Motion physical therapy is already in use. It is an open secret that attending doctors periodically and implementing the boring exercises are somehow not injecting enthusiasm to the patients to realize dull and repetitive tasks. This is the reason that developers have created software platform called Visual Touch Therapy. This physiotherapy is aimed to make physical rehabilitation fun, gamifying and absorbing so as the patients forget for a while that they are improving health issues.
All the things that patients need are Leap Motion Controller, a PC and a simple meme inspired video game.
Actually the game is as simple as possible. Players perform simple movements over the Leap controller that cause a dog to run (or fly a jetpack) across the screen, and their performance and improvement character can be tracked, quantified and even sent to their physical therapist for review.
Game is created by Eric Medine who wants to be the Candy Crush of physical therapy. Techs like Leap motion and Kinect are aimed to get unhealthy people back on feet. Kinect physical therapy has already accumulated its reputation so far.