Could you believe, the Oculus Rift VR has already “broken” numerous of dimensions making it possible for Leap Motion to utilize that device as well.  
Today Leap Motion launches a mount for its peripheral that lets you track your hands in virtual reality apps by attaching it to the front of the Oculus Rift or other handsets.
To companies mind in the future the developers will integrate Leap Motion into Virtual Reality experiments rather than keyboard and mouse or controller input. 
“If virtual reality is to be anything like actual reality, we believe that fast, accurate, and robust hand tracking will be absolutely essential” states Leap Motion co-founder David Holz.
While the Leap Motion is strapped to Oculus Rift, it performs the hand movement rather well in demo version. By moving the Leap Motion camera from the desk to the Oculus Rift, it required some changes to the software that tracks your hands to account for the new perspective, there doesn’t seem to have been any noticeable drop in speed or accuracy.
So being connected to an Oculus, the sensor is able to grasp wider view than your own eyes, that is to say it is capable to track user’s hands even when you can’t see them.
Check out the video below to have the proper idea sensor’s lookalike while being strapped to Oculus Rift VR. 


Leap Motion Straps To Oculus Rift VR