It turned out that there are being developed numerous of techs geared toward kids. The latest vivid example is the DynePod letting kids program toys giving them the ability to talk to each other about any topic.
Today we are in a hurry to introduce another amazing device GizmoPal. This is a wearable device designed special for children making it easy for them to communicate with their parents. The idea behind LG’s new wearable is quite simple, as it only requires being set up with a pre-configured number and, using a single button, kids can then easily make or receive a call to and from it. There is another idea that we have figured out so far: this device is an excellent replacer of smart phone, which is much more preferable to be in kid’s hand rather than the smart phone. Having super limited functions and super childish colorful design, it lets kids call their parents with only one button. This is not all, it has GPS which allows parents to monitor their children location anytime and have idea where they are. There is a big button a speaker and a microphone on the GizmoPal. By pressing the button child can place a call to a primary or a secondary numbers and receive calls from two additional approved contacts. The GizmoPal also comes with a companion app, available for iOS and Android.
The price of the device hasn’t been specified yet, with LG saying that details will be announced locally.


LG GizmoPal A Specialized Wearable Band For Children