In our previous post we were been talking about Microsoft Kinect Healthcare, how this small device affects on patient wellness and fixes it to the healthy direction.
The attempts of Kinect surgery support are given to demonstrate the means and capabilities of kinect. You feel like it is an in-clinic therapy process by simply sitting at home.
There is a company in Canada called GestSure which is already deploying that very kind of technology in hospitals. These attempts are even before Microsoft announced the Kinect SDK which was to allow surgeons to get the access of medical imagery. So it is an interesting factor of getting in touch with surgical opportunities. Companies like that are going to grow rapidly. The advanced hospitals abroad using Kinect have a powerful video camera to control and follow the patient’s sensations. Clinics are reducing the diseases maximally by trying to invent productive methods. One of the methods is the invention of Kinect virtual nurse. It is a virtual avatar that uses Kinect gesture, nuance and voice recognitions to communicate with patients quite like a human doctor. 

Kinect Physical therapy is another way to make the medical treatment process advanced and enjoyable. In near-real time we will be able to see the demonstration of  Kinect helping the blind to see and the deaf to communicate.