In far past, health improving was rather difficult and sometimes frightfully expensive process. Besides, the technological interventions were limited and there were lack of specialists.
Nowadays advanced technologies came to facilitate the treatment processes by making them interesting and interactive.
Microsoft Kinect predicts the loss of balance for elderly users under cognitive load and reduces the falling risks. Among older adults, falling down while doing everyday exercises can lead to injures, disabilities, moreover, even when no injury has occurred the fear of falling can result in loss of confidence and independence. Researchers told that the mentioned factors will cause for muscles weakening and reduce of cognitive skills.
Developers have created Microsoft-Kinect based step training program system specially designed for elderly patients. The program measures physical health and cognitive abilities and incorporates an individualized adaptive program for improvements. The real-time data obtained from the program is similar to clinical evaluations typically conducted by doctors and the game-like exercises result in increased adherence to the exercise regimes.
Kinect suggests solutions not only for preventing falling risks but also for controlling oral function disorders, treating limb pain and many more.