The next big idea of Microsoft is shipping of Kinect sensor 2 to PC developers. There is a preview kits which are being sent to thousand of developers who have already signed up for the $399 program. The kit contains in it a pre-release Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and of course access to private program forums.
The final Kinect for Windows SDK will be available in summer and the developers will receive the final version.
The new Kinect for Windows v2 sensor will include the basic abilities of the new Kinect for Xbox One sensor. These are the features including extremely expanded part of view for bigger scope, advanced level of gesture for more exact control and more developed voice recognition technology.
Microsoft believes that the new opportunities for revolutionizing computing experiences will be even greater and greater with this new sensor. In the future the benefits will speed up the app development across multiple industries, from retail and manufacturing to healthcare, education, communication and many more.