Microsoft presents a novel mechanical keyboard blending traditional keyboards centric desktop work with elements of natural user interaction; such as touch and gestures. The goal is to enable fast, easy and low effort gestures allowing users smoothly transition between text entry and motion based gestures. So the hands always remain in a home position on a desktop. Users can navigate through the documents by swiping, or play game with a help of virtual steering wheel. This is a convenient way. The air gesture controls can be implemented on PC. Sometimes users find it not that comfortable to raise hands every time so as to handle with this or that work.
This allows you to perform gestures in a natural way. This tech is very low resolution; just 64 pixels of data. So there are lots of commands that it recognizes. User even can mimic some tricks while playing game.
However this new technology currently is not that perfect. In the future Microsoft tends to enrich touchscreen so as it can easily recognize the precise position of fingers. In some situations users might not want to use touchscreens at all. So this need to be developed more and more for being proper fit for the users.


Type-Hover-Swipe in 96 Bytes: A Motion Sensing Mechanical Keyboard