…Because in silence all good deeds are done. It was a night before Christmas, and all across the world, the good folks of West Jet a miracle planned. . . while out on the runway something secret had arrived, it was miracle, it was Christmas surprise.
In the morning when the guests were there, the happy and miraculous Santa Claus was talking and asking what people want for Christmas. Toys, techs, playstations..anything that human being can wish impulsively was noted by WestJet folks.
Within the limited time period the WestJeters were soaring in an organized way from one store to another so as to manage send the Christmas presents.
Literally hours later the plane landed and guests were amused and astonished. They unwrapped the presents and each of them found his desired surprise.
It was an amazing marketing tool. Hats off WestJet team. This is a Miracle and THIS IS IT!  😉


WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving