In the last two years we are seeing that headset devices are coming into marketplace. Progressively these devices are becoming more refined containing a lot more capabilities.
The augmented reality wizards at Metaio just showed off their Thermal Touch technology, a new kind of user interface that basically turns the whole world into a touchscreen.
Wearing this compact device, you will find all the things around you touchable and immersive.
One can tap the table and the chess board will appear. So you don’t need to carry with you heavy chess box or backgammon you just need to tap on any surface. It looks pretty futuristic.
The system allows reading a magazine, see a picture of an item you like, touch it, and go straight to a web page where you can buy it.
Thermal touch is somehow similar to your smartphone screen.
This new Augmented Reality technology uses capacitive sensors for detecting the electricity in your finger.
The CEO Founder of Thermal Touch truly believes that Augmented Reality will change the way we interact with digital world.


Thermal Touch – A New Augmented Reality Interface for Wearables