Children of nowadays are awesome. The prove of it is the fact that the Irish schoolchildren have been using an open source version of Second life to learn coding, they were using the gained abilities to create 3D modeling and to create virtual spaces of recent trips. Their latest cool innovation is the monastery of Clonmacnois and exploring it with an Oculus Rift. Actually Oculus isn’t being used in schools and is not considered to be a special part of the classes, however it gave students new worldview, new perspectives for the future, huge size of imagination. Here is one student’s reaction “Whoa. That is humongous.”
It took just two weeks from the children to give birth to this model. They are already closely connected and familiar with the layout of the site and buildings  appeared on the PC monitor.
According to the founder and CEO James Corbett, the final total realization of the scale and what they built only dawned on them when they immersed in this reality.
Now children have the virtual presence, they imagine the world in vivid colors and tones more and more. However this  process haven’t yet become an inseparable part of lessons, but it is still amazing to watch children hurrying to and fro with astonished looks.
Check out the video below!  😉


Irish Kids create Virtual Reality, then explore it using Oculus Rift