The futuristic technologies are progressively promising a lot more than in previous times.
New York City subway riders will no longer get confused by trying to find directions or routines.
Over the last month, the first 18 MTA On the Go kiosks were installed in the Grand Central subway station. Eight of them are split between the uptown and downtown sides of the major 4/5/6 north-south arteries; the other 10 are scattered throughout the mezzanine above that connects the subway to the century-old commuter rail station.
The screens are quite interactive navigation centers; they are designed so as to provide real-time information about how to get where you need.
How the system works.
All you need to do is just walk up to the map and tap pulls up a draggable subway map. Tap anywhere you like and it will show you the best route and the best directions where to go. The system even prevents you from not so good route and directions with a help of yellow exclamation point! Triangle.
Reportedly it’s not that long time ago since the technology has been launched, and firstly users and passersby had experienced some bulkiness of difficulties while using it, but now most New Yorkers can blaze through the screens with ease.


New York Touchscreen Subway Maps