In our previous post we were been talking about the Oculus Rift shipment. Really there was an announcement that Oculus ships the latest Rift VR headset prototype this month. Sure, Oculus fans were excited about getting the much awaited tech soon. However the good intentions just remained good intentions. Why? Just because Oculus reveals people selling Rift pre-orders and immediately cancels the desired shipment.
Over 45,000 units had been pre-ordered as of the first of this month — and of those, only 10,000 are expected to actually ship in July. If you waited even 24 hours to get your pre-order in, you might be waiting a while.
Facts are telling that eBay is the answer and someone is selling their spot in line there. 
Oculus fans are angry, why anyone is buying their way into a line they’d been waiting in for months. In hopes of being able to gather enough information to get the pre-order cancelled, they started poking the partially-anonymous reseller for more details. Within a few hours, they knew the exact time they reseller’s order had been placed.

By this afternoon, Oculus’ community manager popped in to drop the official word:

Don’t worry guys. We found him and we cancelled his order.

Shortly thereafter, the eBay listing was cancelled.