It has become an open secret for all over Oculus Rift VR users that within a short 3-4 minutes you are losing your orientation and sense of presence. Moreover while wearing it on your head you are not insured of not being bashed on the wall or of not stepping your dog’s tail.  
But when you put it on, seated, and turn your whole body around to look behind your virtual self, and no cords get in the way, that’s a magical experience. “There are going to be different categories of VR,” Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe told in an interview.
On the other hand there is a tethered experience like Oculus Rift which has bigger and much more expensive experience, much bigger sense of presence all attached to the PC where you have power plugged into back.

All in all the CEO of Oculus is eager to enrich and evolve the device’s comprehensive use and capabilities throughout tech world. The vivid proof of it is Samsung’s adjustment to this device.

“We are absolutely tackling position tracking, multi-user experiences, better gaming — all these things — in the coming year. It’s an exciting train we’re hitched onto with Samsung here, because their technology ticks twice a year. And that’s a treadmill that we’ve chosen to get on, and we’re going to do our very best to stay on that and continue innovating at that pace.”

Actually the Oculus co-founder doesn’t see video presence as just the ability of interaction with reality while wearing the device. He wants more, like augmented reality. “It’s one thing to have a convenience window,” he told. “It’s another to try and make something where that’s a core feature of the device like AR. That’s a much harder problem to solve.”

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VR Convenience and ‘Presence’