Being an astronaut and seeing the space with one’s own eyes is something like a dream. Achieving this big intention has become an experimentation game so far. Uncountable experiments have been overcome; as technologies are rushing forward hopefully we can see the ray of realization of this dream.
Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University developed a robot named Andy which they plan to land on the Moon to act as eyes for Earth-bound space enthusiast. The reward of this project is $30m from Google offered to the very team that can send video back from the Moon.   
The robot has already been shown to potential investors, including Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart.
It works in tandem with an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.
Companies are working very seriously they teamed up with space firm Astrobotic to compete for the Google Lunar XPrize.
The tackling challenges and winning the XPrize has turned this project into quite a Non-stop hackathon.
The team lead Daniel Shafrir explains that the vision is very simple – let anyone on Earth experience the Moon live through the eyes of a robot.
“We weren’t just going to go to the Moon. We are going to bring the Moon back,” he added.
We believe that this is very thrilling to imagine the feeling of looking out and seeing rocks and craters billions of years old. Turn your head to the right and you see the dark expanse of space. Turn your head to the left and you see home, Earth.
18 teams all around the world are burning the midnight oil to win the Google-sponsored Lunar X-Prize.