Seems like the all kind of headsets and Augmented Reality Glasses are going to be refined and be much more compact.  
For over the past six years, low-key Osterhout Design Group has been building heavy duty smart glasses for military. But, as things have to be changed before achieving their final version, after seeing the kind of attention heaped onto Google Glass, the small San Francisco-based company is looking towards the consumer and thinks it has something much better to offer the world.
Investing less than $1,000, ODG (Osterhout Design Group) has a perfect intention to release a more consumer-friendly version of its glasses in 2015.
Soon the Glasses can do everything its military – grade specs can do: The Glasses will surely display high definition video, record video, lay visuals over the real world and most importantly they will look 30 percent smaller and 20 percent lighter, a little less awkward than before.
Last year there has released the recent version of ODG’s smart Glasses. They were bulky and rugged to fit with military equipment specification and cost around $5,000 a piece.
In far 2015 the technology will be refined and compact.
“The adoption of technology is faster in the consumer world,” said ODG executive vice president Pete Jameson. “When I sell a tool to an enterprise, it has to have a proven return on investment. The adoption is longer. With consumers, it’s about if this is cool. Investment decisions take 30 seconds.”
ODG claims that its Glasses fall between Oculus Rift and Google Glass.
Vice president Nima Shams says: “You can’t watch a movie or browse the Internet on Google Glass. Even developing for it, it’s not standard Android, you have to do pages methodology. And on the other end of the spectrum is Oculus. It’s immersive, you get lost, but you’re not able to see through and it’s not mobile. You need a hefty PC. ODG falls in the middle.”
ODG will release its own developer kit for third-party players so as to start creating applications for the Glasses.
To sum it up, these Augmented Reality Specs can turn Regular Joe into James Bond. 


ODG 3D AR Smart Glasses