There is nothing special inside every technology unless it spreads  its wings into various fields of life, unless it tries to solve serious problems.
The newborn tech device Oculus Rift is something more than an amusement in a gamezone.
Of course, surgery in any kind can be incredibly stressful and traumatic process for some patients. Those operations that are performed under general anaesthetic mean that the patient is unaware of the work being performed on them; however the local anaesthetic operation leaves the patient wide awake throughout the operation. So this is the most terrifying operation process. In order to pacify the patients during that kind of operations surgeons were using music which was helpful both for the patients and for the surgeons.
Well, a surgeon (Orthopedic surgeon, Gerardo Garcés) working at the Hospital Perpetuo Soccorro in Gran Canaria, Spain has taken this idea and run with it – performing the first operation where the patient wears an Oculus Rift and a pair of headphones for the duration. What’s more, the operation itself was streamed live thanks to the operating surgeon wearing Google Glass throughout.
This process isolates patients from alienating atmosphere, it calms down and cuts them out from the reality. Oculus in surgical operations is the replacement of general aesthetic mean.


Surgeon Uses Oculus Rift On Patients, Streams Operation Using Google Glass

Dr summary of operation with Oculus & Google Glass