In past times we didn’t have any idea about this fancy high tech “Ping Pong” game, we were just enjoying the Pong.
PingTime is always cool, you know. But imagine playing PingPong by adding some insane. Something like borderline seizure plus visuals, some various shapes of lines determining how the ball is springing, in which direction and in which speed.
Well you don’t have to worry anymore; the Pingtime augmented reality table has got that covered.  
This creative setup has been developed for Romanian electronic music and arts festival named “Rokolectiv”.
There are some technical details which are a little bit sparse to provide. 
There are similar projects in techworld having made use of Microsoft Kinect for keeping a keen electronic eye on the game’s movements on and on so as to map out the chaos.
Any way watching PingPong match is so fun and curious. Even though for a lot of lookers-on this game is super impossible. This Augmented Reality PingPong solution allows us to enjoy the light show as well.  


Pingtime augmented reality table