It is a tough point for candidates and politicians to reach millions of voters, always to be in the centre of spotlight. So to get as huge number of voters as possible India Prime Minister Candidate Modi went the sci-fi route. He turned himself into quite a hologram.
So how to use this special technology? Actually it has its unique utilization. The hologram tech lets the candidate to make his appearance at hundreds of campaign rallies in a way that feels more personal than the typical visual presence. The projector is fixed above the stage so as to show the visuals on the stage floor which in its turn is being reflected on the stage background. By the way the background must be created from a unique transparent material providing 3D illusion.
Reportedly it is the first time that the hologram technology is used in political sphere solving some points. Obama also used this tech, sometimes to avoid the political clashes which are inevitable.  
By the very time Mobi completes his campaign, he will be reflected in hologram more than 1.000 times; his next hologram is scheduled on May 9.


Shri Narendra Modi’s Address to “Bharat Vijay” Rally using 3D Hologram Technology