Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.
It has become an open secret that technologies and health can walk hand in hand.
The company “Runtastic” has developed a 7 minute fitness exercise through Oculus Rift Virtual Reality.
The reason of this newbie idea was that the things which remain unchanged are starting to tease. Same for fitness, while attending fitness clubs people are getting nothing but mobility and they can’t get feedback without either a pricey trainer or a distracting mobile app.
Runtastic has developed a better way. The company has created Oculus Rift versions of physical exercises which will liven things up.
At first sight this can sound a little bit ridiculous to strap on virtual reality headset for your workout but the technology promises things that just aren’t possible in real world.
This VR fitness allows you to find yourself in much more interesting places like great outdoors, beachside home and so on. The entire interface is designed to keep your hands free. Besides the virtual trainer lets you know how well and how effective you are doing the certain exercise.
Modern technologies like Kinect have also been developing games and apps for fitness
In a nutshell this is so good that technologies have the ability to care about our wellness and motivate us to level our health up.


Runtastic Virtual Reality 7-Minute Workout feat. Oculus Rift