As it is told by the sources close to Samsung, Samsung announces marketing explosion by having the intention to beat Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus. Being ubiquitous Galaxy smartphoes and tablets, popular smart televisions and most recently, smartwatches, Samsung is aimed to enter a quite new category – virtual reality headsets – set to be announced this year. The early versions of the device already exist and are in the development stages. The consumer model, however, is said to require the power of next-gen, unannounced Galaxy phones and tablets.
Yet it is uncertain how the headset is being connected to your phone/tablet, but in all likelihood it’s a wired connection rather than wireless.
Beyond beating the competition to market, Samsung is said to be targeting a lower price.
Samsung’s virtual reality headset is meant for use with Android games. Other questions and many more surrounding Samsung’s VR headset remain a mystery.
We’ll know more on Samsung’s virtual reality plans if we hear more; for now, the official line from Korea is, “Samsung doesn’t comment on rumor and speculation.”