House renovation and even small room renovation sometimes may seem risky, because the final result can be rather far from the imaginary picture that you had created in your mind then, the maximum thing that you can do is just imagine and compare.
Obviously it is rather hard to visualize what a finished room will look like. This is the reason that Lowe’s has set up a so-called Holoroom in store. These Augmented Reality chambers will show your finished project before you’ve even started.
One of the main aims of Holoroom is to create an immersive experience for customers to visualize their home improvements.
So, how the system works.
Using a tablet, you simply pick out the products you want to see, and enter the Holoroom to see what they’ll look like in the room you are renovating.
Actually this is not a Holodeck itself, but this is a leap towards the right direction. While the augmented reality experience on the in-store tablet is neat, just imagine what Lowe’s could do if the Holoroom were powered by Oculus Rift.
In a nutshell it’s still better than drawing pictures on a paper and take valuable time to think over millions of options.


Lowe’s Innovation Labs: Overview